Researcher Showcase: Stephen Morris

stephen morris
Stephen Morris is a NIHR Doctoral Fellow at the University of Leeds. He is also a part-time clinical pharmacist at Leeds Children’s Hospital. His main goal is to help improve the experience of families who use medicines, in order to improve their health outcomes and minimise any harm from medicines use (either directly and indirectly).
Stephen’s interests include medicines use in children, patient safety, patient experience and qualitative methods.

Stephen’s project overview

Minimising harm to infants from medicines at home (MINIMEDS):

MINIMEDS is a project which is all about learning from the experiences of parents and carers who have to give prescribed medicines at home to children. We have worked together with families to find a shared understanding that medicines cause harm if not used correctly. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to improve the support that families get with using medicines to avoid them causing harm.

The project is made up of 3 studies:

Study 1. A literature review of what we know already about how parents and carers are able to safely administer medicines at home

Study 2. An interview study to learn from the experiences of parents and carers about how they administer medicines at home

Study 3. Workshops for families, professionals and other stakeholders to develop a support package for parents and carers to help them administer medicines safely at home

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