Working with Children and Young People

We work with a number of groups from across the city to ensure that children, young people and their families are at the centre of our research.


We want to address the needs that are most important to them. To ensure that new research, policy, services and support align with these needs, it is essential that young people and families are able to support the design and delivery of our research. This is different to being “participants” in research studies and helps researchers to make sure research plans are suitable and easy to understand.


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Calling all Researchers

Are you working in paediatric research and need support with involving children and young people in the design of your research? We can help link you with support and guidance on how to involve young people in your research. Contact us today.

Children, young people and families – would you like to get involved?

Researchers always want to hear from young people and families when they are designing projects. You do not need any research experience to be an advisor! So, if you are a young person or a family member/carer and would like to be involved as an advisor, please contact our partners below for more information.

Young People's Advisory Groups

YouthWatch Leeds

LTHT Youth Forum

Leeds Young Research Owls