Future Leaders in Child Health Research

There are fantastic child health researchers across the universities and hospitals in and around Leeds, who are doing impactful research on a wide range of child health topics.


At present, researchers and researchers of the future are working and studying across a range of departments and organisations, without being able to easily come together to share ideas and support each other. CHORAL will create a virtual child health institute to support the current child health research community in Leeds and create a supportive community for future researchers to achieve their potential. We will provide fellowship opportunities to support early career researchers to develop PhD proposals or to further their research careers following PhDs. There will also be CHORAL research prizes for undergraduate students and postgraduate researchers to recognise excellent research outputs.


Project Team

Theme Lead
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We will create a vibrant community of child health researchers to:

  • Support the successful establishment and development of academic careers for professionals training in child health related disciplines.

  • Develop a supportive community of child health researchers with access to equitable training, mentoring, supervision and peer support

  • Improve the career opportunities, quality and volume of grant/fellowship applications, increase the research skills of the community and improve working relationships across child health research.


Simon Newell and Leeds Hospitals Charity Child Health Research Prizes

Researcher Showcase: Adam Galloway

Researcher Showcase: Lynne Schofield

Researcher Showcase: Stephen Morris

Researcher Showcase: Claudia Heggie

Researcher Showcase: Dr Emma Diggins

Researcher Showcase: Heather Rostron

Researcher Showcase: Dr Nicola Hughes