Transforming Outcomes Through Data Linkage

Delivering a step-change in understanding through innovative data linkages.


Most paediatric research concentrates on physical morbidity and health service activity, with little focus on the wider impact that living with and beyond life-threatening illnesses has on children and young people, and their families and society.


Project Team

CHORAL Director, MRG Lead
Deputy Director


We want to transform our understanding and support for children and young people living with and beyond life-threatening illnesses. We will:

  • Identify and understand inequalities in health and social outcomes.

  • Use information on health inequalities to develop an integrated care plan for the most vulnerable children across society.

  • Identify how admission to paediatric intensive care units (PIC) affects the educational, social, psychological and physical health outcomes.

  • Identify how treatment for childhood cancer and other diseases affects the educational, social and psychological outcomes of patients (for whom physical late effects are increasingly well-defined).

  • Work with local and national partners in the NHS, Social Services, Leeds City Council, Department for Education and Department for Work and Pensions to develop a strategy and influence policy in these areas.


Statistical Consultancy

Yorkshire Cancer Register

Haematological Outcomes